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Commenting Policy for Blog Bloke

Oh my God! What is the web coming too? Rules @ Blog Bloke?

Yes folks it’s true, Blog Bloke has finally raised the white flag. Because of recent events I’ve had to make a comments policy for this blog.

So far I’ve narrowed it down to the points below:

  • I moderate comments under certain circumstances. This isn’t really a rule but for your information so that you will know your comment hasn’t disappeared into a black hole of nothingness. So please be patient if your comment doesn’t show up immediately. It is waiting in the queue for me to approve it.
  • Spammers, sploggers and trolls will be destroyed with extreme prejudice. No exceptions and no regrets.
  • No linking to offensive sites such as porn, gambling, splogs or sites that are suspicious.
  • Please leave a name and not just some keywords to game the search engines, otherwise it may be destroyed.
  • Anonymous Commenters. At one time I allowed anonymous commenters carte blanche on this blog. It didn’t really matter to me in cases where a response was not necessary. But if a commenter disagrees with me on a topic then I will most likely wish to respond.

I love a good discussion as much as anyone, but in situations where I need to respond you should provide a proper name and link that leads back to your blog or website and tells me a little bit about yourself.

When I’m having a discussion with someone I want to know there is a real person behind the fassade, otherwise my suspicions might get the better of me. After all, if you wish to challenge me at least have the courage to show yourself. It’s also considered good manners.

So I will not respond to anyone who insists on hiding behind the cloak of anonymity under those circumstances, and the comment will be removed.

  • Inflammatory Comments. No personal attacks, name calling, mean or malicious comments are allowed. If you disagree with someone (especially me) then please be polite and respectful.

I appreciate a good sense of humor so I may allow a little latitude and literary licence to use tongue-in-cheek humor (as long as it’s used discretely and in good taste of course).

  • Profanity and lewd comments are generally frowned upon. I realize some think it’s cool but I don’t want to lose readers because of offensive content. So I will exercise my right as the owner of this blog to edit offensive comments on a case by case basis.

Violators will be considered treasonous to this fair blog and paraded to the public square where they will be disemboweled, drawn and quartered in front of a large and blood thirsty crowd, and then deleted. (Not necessarily in that order.)

Well, not really but you get the picture. ;-)

Of course lively commentary and good debate is always appreciated and approved!

Thanks for reading Blog Bloke.

Written April 6th, 2007 by | 7 Comments | Filed under: Blog Tips , , ,

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There are 7 Comments so far to “Commenting Policy for Blog Bloke”

  1. This comment policy is total crap! Unfair and lame in every way!

    (Ok, I know it’s pathetic or sick but I found this really funny… actually I think it’s a good idea and WILL reveal myself http://www.absolutelybananas.com)


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    Reply by: Eddie at 9:47 pm said...

    @Anonymous, not crap, but annoying, although I guess the comment policy is sorta fair

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  2. There’s one in every crowd :)

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  3. I don’t have stated rules regarding comments on my blog but here they are:

    It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want with it. Therefore, I moderate comments and may or may not publish them depending on what you say and whether or not I feel like it at that moment.

    THIS is your blog, Bloke. You should be free to run it however you see fit, and if others don’t like it, then too bad for them. They can take their snark elsewhere.

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  4. Thanks Kirsten.

    Although it is my blog I don’t want to appear like a despot on my little corner of the web. I want to keep it open and fair as best I can so that everyone will feel comfortable enough to leave a comment regardless of their opinion.

    I want to instill a community spirit @ Blog Bloke so that all are welcome, so the less rules and restrictions the better (IMHO). Blog Bloke should be a place where we can all learn about blogging (including myself).


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  5. Fair enough. Personally, I hate it when people come to my blog, make up some stupid name and an email address that is an insult to me and then call me everything but a blogger. I usually just delete those and allow the those brave enough to leave a real first name or nick and a valid email.

    Audrey the Coffee Sage’s last blog post..Another Unique Coffee Mug Frogs

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    Reply by: Blog Bloke at 7:39 pm said...

    Couldn’t have said it better myself ;-)

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