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Canadian Election 2006

The Canadian election is the big news right now and things are heating up. If you want to have a good laugh then check out the Canadian Pundit’s hilarious exposé of the man who may become the next Prime Minister of Canada.

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Written January 20th, 2006 by | 1 Comment | Filed under: Miscellaneous Blog Tips

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There is One Comment so far to “Canadian Election 2006”

  1. Hi Folks,
    Just a heads up!
    During the last USA election tyranny was abound and the voters got duped by the Left/Right Paradyn Elitist Trick and we have reason to believe they may try to pull it off in our next Canadian election! America ended up with a Fascist, Marxist Government that panders to Elite Off-Shore Foreign Bankers! Here is how they do it:

    Two Party Paradyne Elitist Bilderberg Trick

    The Elitists hone two candidates in their employ and train one to be a Left wing Candidate a Liberal or Democrat then take the other and hone him or her to be a Right wing candidate a Conservative or Republican! Via the elitists scientific study of mind control methods and psychology these two candidates are trained to do the right moves at the right time in order to be elected in various countries wherby they will arrange financial benefits and various controls of these countries for the financial and power gain of the Elitists!

    Let’s say the elitist boss in this example is named David from the Bilderberg group! And the Left wing candidate is Obooba the Liberal or Democrat and the Right wing candidate is Sarah Conservative or Republican!

    Now because the elite are the super wealthiest on earth they have lots of Corporate Lobbying and money power and they are able to supremely promote and and create great PR and convincing extraordinary Press Kits for these two candidates which enables them to gather much credibility among the voters and are heavily promoted by David and the elitist organizations to become the Dominant candidates for the election!

    Now David the Elitist boss really doesn’t care who wins between these two as both candidates have been honed to perfection to be able to produce results for all the Elitists and Bilderberg Group and David their Puppet Master!

    Now these two candidates can come out on the scene in an election competition and impress their voters!

    So if Liberal – Democrat Obooba gets voted in as Prime Minister or President depending on the country, he will provide and perform nicely first and foremost for David and the Elitists! In spite of the oath he has taken to perform to the best of his ability for his country!

    Should Sarah Conservative – Republican get elected as President or Prime Minister depending on the country, she will provide and perform nicely first and foremost for David and the Elitists, despite the oath she has taken to perform for her country!

    In this scenario regardless of which way the election goes – the Elitists win!

    The head of the Elitists may not always be from The Bilderberg Group, they could also be from one of these affiliate organizations: Council on Foreign Relations ( CFR ), Trilateral Commission ( TC ), Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund ( IMF ),

    World Health Organization ( WHO ), United Nations

    This explains the basic procedure for the Left Right Wing Paradyne Election game very basically so that it is easy to understand what is happening!

    The Illuminatti play this game of divide and conquer in most of their ploys!

    Eg; man against woman, Black against White, Israel against Iran, England against Germany, Gay against Straight, Palestinian against Jewish etc. Throughout almost the last 100 years the Elitists have been manipulating these problems and wars around the world for their financial gain and power! They love to keep people divided and enemies as this all goes toward the Elitists benefit – if people won’t join together to help one another the Illuminatti Elitists will always be able to defeat the citizens of the world!
    Paul Revere and Friend Btok

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