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Buying Credibilty in the Blogosphere

It never ceases to amaze me how many self-proclaimed expert bloggers there are floating around these days, chock full of blog tips and advice yet most of them have not been blogging long and haven’t even made their own template or theme!

Have you ever noticed that? Apparently they couldn’t write code if their lives depended on it so they hired someone else to do their dirty work.

Those of us who are experienced in technology can easily tell their knowledge is rudimentary at best. They are just scraping information from the rest of us and then regurgitating it back again.

For example, I’m the first blogger to blog about the topic of blogging but there are now hundreds of pretenders who are competing with me in my niche that I created. But I know for a fact that at least 99% of them are new bloggers and didn’t even make their own blog.

I find that very interesting. Don’t you?

I wouldn’t be surprised if some are hiring ghost writers to write their posts. Judging from some of the comments that I’ve seen them make I don’t think I’m exaggerating, and some are even a-listers.

I’m convinced that they heard about this newfangled technology called blogging and decided it was something they could exploit. So they went shopping and bought the best templates/themes money can buy and hung their shingle, with Google supplying a never-ending stream of fodder.

Or in other words — they purchased instant credibility (or so they thought).

Is it just me or is there something wrong with this picture? Personally I think it’s criminal, or at the very least fraudulent.

Shouldn’t you at least have some experience and be able to build your own blog if you are going to pass yourself off as an “expert” blogger? Or am I just obsessing over this?

(As the Bloke walks off into the sunset muttering to himself).

Tip: Next time when you are reading your favorite “expert” blogger, read their “about” page and see what experience and credentials they have. Then scroll down to the bottom of their blog and look for the fine print. There you will find in teeny-weeny print the name of the real expert who made their blog.

Written September 21st, 2007 by | 6 Comments | Filed under: Design Tips, Miscellaneous Blog Tips, MythBusters , , ,

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There are 6 Comments so far to “Buying Credibilty in the Blogosphere”

  1. I think it depends on the topic of the blog. If its content includes the subjects of coding, design etc, then it would be reasonable to expect the blogger to have knowledge of those subjects. However, if the content is about writing good posts, search engine optimization, pagerank etc, then I see no problem if the blogger’s template is not his or her original work. After all, does an author that writes about literature have to create their own illustrations and bind their own books?

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  2. Great post. Great site.

    I wanted to comment on your last tip: Scroll down and read the fine print - - This can be deceptive, as in my case at Thought-Blender.

    In my footer it clearly says, “site design by Digital Treehouse.net” - - Here’s the catch, I am the site designer. I have 2 websites - 1 is my news blog and the other is my design website [ digital treehouse ].

    Long story short: Read the fine print, but be cautious about assuming what a bloggers abilities are. I think content should be #1. A good read is a good read :p

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  3. Hi Metaxa. I just found your comment. I would agree that authors about literature would be exempt from this rant.

    But wouldn’t you agree that someone who writes about the topic of blogging, blog tips, tools etc. should at least have an intimate knowledge and experience with the technology itself?

    If they can’t even make their own template then I’m suspect about their real knowledge, and they are probably just scraping it from the internet.

    After all, that is why you will see a great majority of them making lists that they’ve gleaned from Google.

    Fits the profile don’t you think?

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  4. Hi Craig.

    Yes, content is king, but it also depends on from where the content is coming.

    Is it coming from their own knowledge, or is it being scraped from Google? If you are going to pose as an expert then shouldn’t the content be original and come from within?

    That’s my beef.

    BTW, that’s a great way to promote yourself :) and thanks for the link.

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  5. I’m back to catch-up on all your delicious rants! As for me, Zee Grand Blondalicious Blog Teacher, I confess I didn’t design my template, but I did tell my designer exactly what I wanted, even to the coverage of the draped leopard skin that covers the butt, so it was most surely a collaboration of talents. :-)

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  6. Hmm … that leopard skin’s got me thinking. So good to have you back Kuanyin.

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