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Business cannot afford to ignore Blogs

Blogging for Business Series:

Technorati tells us that a new blog is created every second, adding to the 37 million that already exist. Which according my limited math abilities equates to a mind blowing increase of a sixty-fold growth of the ‘blogosphere’ within the past three years.

A monster that keeps on growing, and growing, and…

Exponentially speaking, that means we can expect… oh to heck with it. What it all boils down to is blogging is a beast that business cannot afford to ignore (from a purely exploitive point of view of course).

The Global Village:

What makes this even more appealing is there are no geographic boundaries in blogging, making the ‘global village’ a true reality. Requiring such a small investure of capital, blogging levels the playing field so that almost anyone can participate.

But despite the accessibility, popularity and viral nature of social networking tools, it is surprising to note that big business is only now just starting to put blogging on the corporate agenda.

Damage Control:

One reason for this could be that businesses were fearful of employees becoming corporate whistle blowers. But with employment contracts becoming more prevalent big business is now actively exploiting the public relations and marketing potential that blogging has to offer. They are now realizing that it is riskier to not having a corporate blog and be left behind their competitors.

The race is on:

Some advantages that blogging has to offer are that it gives business a direct contact with customers to get feedback, and to project a warm and fuzzy face to the company. But business take note; bloggers are a savvy lot and it will not be easy to market your products or services at bloggers who take delight in exposing anything that smells of selling.

The Primary Directive:

So always remember the primary directive of business blogging. Content comes first and the sale must be done passively or risk being flamed.

All in the family:

Some businesses are implementing social network tools such as blogs and collaborative websites on their intranets to improve productivity and collaboration within the organization or to share competitive information. Along with social bookmarks and tagging companies can make the unstructured data retrievable and usable.

The bottom line:

With the ease of use, implementation, inexpense and flexibility that blogging has to offer, blogging is a technology that business of any size can no longer afford to ignore.

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There are 13 Comments so far to “Business cannot afford to ignore Blogs”

  1. good post. this is one great blog. thanks.

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  2. Wonderful post, you’ve absolutely hit the mark with this, I just don’t think that people quite get what you’re saying. I’m not for sure how many people I’ve talked to about this very thing in the past month, and they just don’t grasp it.

    Nevertheless, Excellent Post!

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  3. Great posting. You really hit the mark with this. I just don’t understand why people quite get it. I don’t know how many individuals I’ve talked to concerning this very thing in the past month, and they just don’t grasp it. I too am employed with cleaning carpets and it is a very good thing to see other people in business with similar mentalities and thoughts. Never the less, excellent post! I plan to visit this blog from now on, on a regular basis.

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  4. Great article! I don’t think people stress “content comes first” enough.

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  5. I’m also thinking to create a blog for my business, online business does require blogs to popularize product, increase product knowledge and many more reasons. thank you

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  6. I really loved the title of your blog post here, “Business Cannot Afford to Ignore Blogs” this is so true, and while you have mentioned a couple of benefits like interacting with customers directly… I think the real benefit is in showing prospects that you are the expert in what you do and or sell.

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  7. Very true. Blogging is becoming absolutely crucial for modern businesses. Not just for purposes of SEO, but as a channel to connect directly with your customers.

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  8. I recently read an article (as of 5/12) that over 60% of small business owners are now blogging, which means if you are NOT blogging, you are in the minority.

    I agree that it has to be done passively. In addition tot he SEO benefits of blogging, it gives consumers the ability to learn about you, your personality and how you interact with people, before they ever walk in your store, e-mail or call you.

    I think it does also have to have a purpose, though. You need to ultimately have a way to convert those blog readers into potential customers.

    Thanks for the post!

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  9. I’m a big fan of your blog and i think your posts are very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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  10. Some great points were made about blogging and how it can help with a small businesses market penetration. Blogging has really become a new form of reaching out to new customers.

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  11. As a new Blogger I can say that this is an extraordinary post to me. Really nice to read and very interesting. I must come back to read more from you. Thanks for the awesome post.

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  12. Wonderful post, you've absolutely hit the mark with this: Why Business cannot afford to ignore Blogs http://bit.ly/33WncZ

  13. Some great points were made about blogging and how it can help with a small businesses market penetrat… http://t.co/tVJ5z3NM #blogtips

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