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Building Trust With E-Mail Newsletters: Blog Talk Radio

UPDATE: For those of you who were waiting for our show, unbeknownst to me as I was waiting for his call, Wayne Hurlbert had died.  I still  can’t believe this terrible news.  He was one of a kind who shared my passion for ethics.  This show is an example of the kind of person that Wayne was.  He took a post that I made and turned it into something positive that all of us could learn from.  My buddy will be greatly missed.  We love you Wayne.

If you loved Wayne or enjoyed our shows, please feel free to leave him a message below. I know that Wayne will be reading as always.

2nd UPDATEA Tribute To My Buddy Wayne Hurlbert.


Has a month rolled by already?  It’s time for me to join Wayne Hurlbert again on Blog Talk radio Tuesday, October 15 at 5:00 pm Pacific time (8 EST).  This episode will be as controversial as ever and was inspired by my recent post Building Email Lists the Wrong Way.

By now you must have heard all the ways how to build an email newsletter list.  Well it’s time to unlearn some of those bad habits and advice that you’ve been getting.

Here is the show description:

Long time blogger, search engine analyst, and well known online privacy advocate Blog Bloke describes how to build trust using email newsletters, including knowing what permission based marketing really means. Blog Bloke provides advice for developing trust in the newsletters through open dialogue and authentic action. Blog Bloke points out some of the mistakes made by many brands and marketers that lose trust and hurt the brand reputation. Blog Bloke also presents ideas for offering useful information through the newsletter so it is not just a sales flyer that no one reads. He also describes how combining the newsletter with your blog will add even more valuable information for the audience. Blog Bloke offers advice for not losing trust by selling email addresses, making false or misleading claims, and for delivering on your promises. Learn how to use email newsletters to build trust, engage your audience, and build your brand image the right way.

Here are the questions that I will be discussing on the show:

  • We often hear that email newsletters, like blogs are no longer viable. Is that really the case?
  • Why then are so many email mail lists simply worthless?
  • Why do so many people no longer even consider giving out their email address for email newsletters?
  • You are a supporter of openness and authenticity. Permission based emails, with double opt in verification, should be and can be both open and authentic. What happened to turn permission based email newsletters into something less than open and authentic?
  • How can double opt in newsletters be made more real and trustworthy?
  • One problem with so many email newsletters is they offer no useful information and are just a sales letter. A rule of thumb used to be 80 percent useful information minimum and 20 percent marketing maximum. What happened to those concepts?
  • Why don’t email newsletters have a strong objective of providing good helpful information so that people will want to read the newsletter?
  • Email newsletters are great for sending readers to your blog for additional information. Why don’t more email newsletters do that for their readers?
  • Unsubscribing from a no longer useful email newsletter should be easy to do. Why do some marketers make the process so difficult when all it does is upset the recipient even more?
  • We see some email newsletters promotions offering supposedly free accounts, usage and so on, when really they are only free trials that become pay to play very quickly. How does this activity destroy the reader’s trust?
  • If the goal is only to get the email address on some list, what is the value of that acquisition if there is no trust, as people do business with those who they know, like and trust and make a connection with?
  • Should people trust the claim on the newsletter that they won’t sell your email address to others or should they look a bit more deeply?
  • An email newsletter is a great way to build a brand and an audience. What should a brand do to build trust in the brand and the information being offered?
  • What is the first step a person should take when starting an email newsletter the right way?

Won’t you join us?

Written October 14th, 2013 by | Filed under: Blog Tips, Blogging Tips, Make Money Tips, Marketing Tips, Radio Shows

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