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10 More Blog Tips for Successful Blogging

This is a continuation of my first post entitled “10 Tips for a Successful Blog: Part 1″. It started out as only a few blog tips which very quickly evolved into much more. If you arrived here first I recommend that you start with reading part 1.

11. Provide an author biography and photo. Readers want to know a little about who they’re reading. If you have credentials or experience in the field then say so. But even if you don’t give us a reason for your enthusiasm. Some of the best advice I’ve ever received has come from lay people.

12. Avoid nondescriptive link anchors like: “go here”. Respect your readers and give them some idea of where they are going. It might also be a good idea to provide additional information by using link titles (title=”title”), or for pics (alt=”title”). To see what I’m talking about mouse over the “link title” link.)

13. Provide links to your greatest hits (best posts) in your sidebar or to relevant articles at the end of your posts. Giving your readers a gentle nudge to read more of your posts will add ’stickiness’ to your blog.

14. Don’t be stingy with your links. The search engines will love you for it.

15. Luck be a lady: Of course you can’t forget there is always a certain amount of luck that comes with any enterprise. And that also goes for getting the right link from the right source.

16. Blog readers are looking for your personal opinions and experiences. So don’t be a weeny. Stand up and be counted and share something of yourself ’cause that’s what blogging is supposed to be all about.

17. Make your post titles descriptive and on topic. It should be a short summary (with important keywords) of what the post is all about. Descriptive headlines are especially important with search engines and RSS newsfeeds where your readers might only see a headline before deciding whether or not to continue reading the full post. But be respectful of your readers and don’t mislead them either.

18. Never, ever write titles in ALL CAPS. That is a complete no-no because it is akin to shouting and tooting your own horn. Remember the story about the boy who always cried wolf.

19. BUT most importantly I don’t believe in imposing my values on someone else. So if your blog isn’t bringing in volumes of traffic or doesn’t put money in your pocket, remember this — even if your blog brings you some measure of satisfaction you can’t overlook that as achieving a level of success. It’s all relative so above all, enjoy yourself and have fun with your blog.

20. Writing a successful blog does take work but following these blog tips will pay off in dividends. I’m tired already just thinking about it. Now where’s my coffee.

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  • * This post has been updated since it’s original publishing 2006

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    There are 13 Comments so far to “10 More Blog Tips for Successful Blogging”

    1. I think you pretty much covered it all. Good post.

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    2. Yeah, excellent list.

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    3. Your link to Part 1 at the top of this article appears to be broken…

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    4. Fixed. Thanks Jared.

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    5. More great advice. After reading number 18, I now have to go back to my blogs and change all the titles from ALL CAPS. Thanks again Blog Bloke.

        Reply   ·   Share Share Blog Bloke Tips  

    6. NO PROBLEM REEHOLIO ;-) Thanks for dropping by.

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    7. The post was extremely useful. I will return.

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    8. Great stuff here BB, all so very true. I love it when bloggers “regurgitate” older posts like this for those of us that may have missed it ;)

      I recently pulled about 40 posts actually for updating :-)
      Dennis Edell’s last blog post..7 Turbo Writing Tips

        Reply   ·   Share Share Blog Bloke Tips  

      Reply by: Blog Bloke at 12:21 pm said...

      Is it ok to splog myself? ;-) I thought I would update some of my better posts that were originally written on Blogger to refresh the search engine links and to update a lot of my internal links that were still pointing to the old blog. I’m also been updating some of the content and I’m pleasantly surprised to find that the material has stood the test of time and is still as relevant today as it was then.

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    9. Wow… thanks for the tips. I have listed the 20 tips in my notes and posted it in my table for reference. I can’t wait to read all your tips but I am sleepy now so I will be back tomorrow. I am so thankful I found your site.

      Hye Munars last blog post…Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Xbox 360 Video Games

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