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BlogRush? What a Rush

They said that BlogRush was supposed to create a river of traffic. So who plugged the dam?

It’s more like a trickle than anything else. I got a few hits for a while … then nothing.

Did anybody else have better results than mois? If it doesn’t pick up soon I’m gonna have to kill this puppy. Just one more useless script slowing things down.

Written September 28th, 2007 by | 10 Comments | Filed under: Miscellaneous Blog Tips

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There are 10 Comments so far to “BlogRush? What a Rush”

  1. Good morning Bloke. I bet your already up banging away at your computer. I wanted to compliment you on your new blog look. I really like the too hip “Be Cool” guy. I kinda miss the old Bloke logo but the new guy is retro.
    Don’t forget to take some time for life (yourself and family). I’m on my way to Manual Antonio National Park… come rain or shine today. (taking a friend and taking some photos) Maybe I’ll get some new material for my blog. I finally got my car back!!! Yepee! Freedom at last.

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  2. I’m busted! Yup, I haven’t even been to bed yet.

    Thanks for the kudos. What do you think of the new logo in the top banner?

    You sound like my wife. I haven’t been anywhere this summer. Ever since my car was destroyed I can only bus it. And only this week can I go pee without pain (or having to go every 30 minutes :). But at least I’m getting better.

    So I’m jealous. I wish I was going with you and get away from this damn computer for awhile.

    Bring back some pics for me — OK?

    Have a great time sweety.

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  3. I killed the BlogRush widget from my site–I got no referral traffic, and I’d rather not have the extra loaf time and unrelated post links (no links from topics related to my blog, only “free sheet music!” type posts.

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  4. I’m still a fan of Blogrush. The fact that I’m getting a trickle of traffic is good enough for me at the moment. It isn’t a river - that hype was created by people eager to get referrals - but it is a free means of getting advertising for your posts with a pretty average clickthrough rate.

    They have the new ‘flavours’ active now so it’s possible to select the colour that best suits your site which should encourage more people to display it more prominently and if they do go ahead with their promise to do manual reviews of sites then things should improve even more.

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  5. I’m with Sean. I’m getting a decent amount of traffic with my widget. And when you’re new like me, every little bit helps. So I’m keepin’ it.

    I find the widget is unobtrusive enough to live in my sidebar. I don’t even think I need a different color scheme.

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  6. So why is that Jason and I are getting zilch and Sean and Kathy are? I’m feeling discriminated :(

    If it doesn’t pick up soon I’ll be ditching it.

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  7. Maybe your idea of zilch and mine are different! If I get one or two visits from a referrer most days I consider that to be a good enough thing. Once you build up more traffic the visits via Blogrush as they are at the moment might get buried but I think there is good potential in it. Definitely worth sticking with I think.

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  8. What I mean Sean is I only got a few hits the first couple of days. But now I get nothing. I don’t see any point in running another script if it’s not going to deliver.

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  9. I’ve seen about a 10% increase in traffic since putting up the widget. Being a proud noise maker, traffic is not my main concern. I originally used it just to find like-minded blogs.

    But like Jason, it was hit or miss. Somedays, everything listed would be spot-on with my content… other days, I would see posts with titles like’Panamanian Time-Shares!’ and the like.

    I see the potential in it, and am going to let it run for another week or two, but at times the thing just seems so half-baked. Put out too soon, maybe?

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  10. According to their emails there have been a lot of cheaters who are stealing bandwidth and clicks. Growing pains I suppose.

    Odd, but I seem to be the only one who isn’t getting any traffic.

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