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Written on July 16th, 2013 by | 2 Comments

Blogging Mistakes to Avoid: Blog Talk Radio

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Blogging Mistakes to Avoid: Blog Talk Radio

Behold, in case you missed it, here is my Blog Talk Radio show with Wayne Hurlbert as we discussed how to avoid the most common blogging mistakes. As always I enjoyed my time with Wayne and there is a lot of good meat there for your blog consumption.

Here is the show description:

Long time blogger, search engine analyst, and well known internet privacy advocate, Blog Bloke describes some of the most common blogging mistakes and how to avoid them. Blog Bloke shares his own experiences, missteps, and improvements to his own blogging skills to demonstrate what not to do with your blog. Along with the most frequently encountered mistakes, Blog Bloke offers ideas for becoming a better blogger, as well as how to avoid the traps and pitfalls that await the unwary new blogger. Blog Bloke shows how to find ideas and create original content that attracts visitors to the blog. At the same time, he points out how to stay away from plagiarism of content from other bloggers. Learn the inside story on domain names, hosting, how to select names for your blog, and how to develop meaningful, and lasting relationships through your blog the right way. Source.

Here are some of the questions/topics that I answered:

  • Everyone who takes the step to start a blog must make some important decisions. The first one is where to host their new blog. What mistakes should a new blogger avoid?
  • The second step is to create a name for the blog. While names like Random Thoughts are already widely regarded as not being very good, what should a blog be named?
  • Can a seemingly bad name, even if unusual like Google, Yahoo or Twitter, can be successful then could a risky but unusual and memorable name also work?
  • Should a blogger own their own domain name and why is that so important?
  • One of the challenges you faced as a blogger, and I have as well, is how we provided advice to others for free, and were plagiarized by others who made money from that plagiarism. How can a blogger in any industry avoid others taking their ideas, claiming them as their own, and monetizing them?
  • You utilize an avatar, and I like many other bloggers use a photograph, on your blog. How can a blogger create an identity that is memorable either with avatar or photo?
  • One area where bloggers face real challenges is in creating original and worthwhile content in their area of interest. That is one of the reasons that plagiarism is so rampant, in that it is easier to use someone else’s ideas than to create your own. How can a blogger stay original with their fresh post ideas and not become a copycat?
  • Many bloggers are under the impression they must post all day long or at least every day to be successful. Why is this a mistake?
  • When a blogger starts out, their traffic will be low, and yet they will think themselves a failure because they aren’t in the top visited blogs. Why should the numbers not be considered as important as the quality of audience?
  • We keep hearing about the need to make money from blogging. Why should a good blogger not place money at the top of the list?
  • Why should bloggers recognize the importance of making real, deep and lasting relationships and not make the mistake of burning bridges, using others to get ahead, and being a manipulator?
  • You have taken some steps in your own blog toward changes and expansion. What are some of those changes and why are they important for you and your audience?
  • What is the first thing a blogger should do to avoid the mistakes we all have made with our blogs?

This show was loosely based on my previous posts UnMarketing 101: The Difference between a good Blogger and a bad Marketer and Blogging Mistakes I Made Along The Way


Listen to internet radio with Wayne Hurlbert on BlogTalkRadio

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  1. Hello, yeah this post is truly nice and I have learned lot of things from it on the topic of blogging. Thanks.

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    Reply by: Blog Bloke at 9:44 am said...

    Thanks for saying so Katharin.

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