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Blogger "Backlinks" FIX

Blogger has introduced a new feature called “backlinks” which uses Google’s Blog Search in its eternal quest to finding links on other blog posts.

When I found out about it my first impression was very cooooool. What else should we expect from Google.

However (there’s always a “however” when it comes to ‘puters) it wasn’t long before I was getting my knickers in a knot because it didn’t work with my older templates. But I was intrigued, and so I went to work and got under the hood for a little look-see.

Much to the chagrin of my family (after spending my weekend burning the candle), I’m happy to report that I finally got it working. Even better, I got it to work with my peek-a-boo comments, and it also seems to work fine in Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers.

Nor does it seem to have any of the problems that were reported by other bloggers out of the box. It just needed a little tweaking.

Of course you can always skip the work and take blogger’s advice:

“in lieu of comment notification, you can use Blog Search with a query such as link:your-blog-here.blogspot.com, and then subscribe to the results. That will have a similar effect.”

But where’s the fun in that? For differentiating between trackback and backlink features check out a consuming experience and freshblog.

If anyone is having similar problems and wants a copy of my code, let me know and I will consider posting it here.

Tip: Remove the ( rel=”nofollow” ) reference so that we can all benefit from the pagerank increase.

Written October 12th, 2005 by | 13 Comments | Filed under: Miscellaneous Blog Tips , ,

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There are 13 Comments so far to “Blogger "Backlinks" FIX”

  1. Thanks for the info bloke.

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  2. Hi Bloke. I’m having the same problem. Can I get the code? Thanks.

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  3. I have the same problem, i hope you can post the code.

    Just a comment about “remove the rel=”nofollow”: I don’t think is a good idea, the spammers can see a good way to spam :(

    best regards

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  4. I fix the problem! (via: A Consuming Experiencie”


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  5. K Mario. Let me know if anything further develops.

    I understand the spamming problem and the need for rel=”nofollow” code for comments.

    But as far as backlinks are concerned until I see abuse I see no reason for giving each other a pagerank boost.

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  6. I’m having problems with linkbacks in peek-a-boo comments and I’m not sure what’s wrong. the linkbacks appear on the wrong post and repeat themselves several times. However it works great on the individual post pages. Do you know what might be wrong?

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  7. I took a look Godsmoon and it looks OK to me. Did I miss something or have you already fixed it?

    Send me the URL for a specific post that is giving you trouble and I will take another peek.

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  8. No I haven’t fixed them.
    Example: this post has 2 linkbacks on the ‘item’ page
    but they don’t show up in the peek-a-boo comments on the ‘main’ page.
    The problem is that with the main page all of the item pages work great.

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  9. Also my most current post always has the same 2 backlinks on the main page. It also seems to be stuck in a loop of some kind because it repeats those 2 backlinks about 50 times.
    I’m wondering if I can even have backlinks on the main page or if they are limited to the item pages.

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  10. Hi bloke, I’m having this problem as well. Could I get your code? Similar to godsmoon, my backlinks were being applied to the wrong post, and repeated over and over. (Therefore, peek-a-boo is on probation until I find a fix…)

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  11. where can i find “backlinks”

    help us please

    thanx alot

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  12. me too my backlinks applied to the wrong post

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  13. where can i find “backlinks”

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