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BloggerCon IV: Conversations of the Elite

Dave Winer has posted the BloggerCon IV schedule with conversations from the attendees including a topic devoted to making money from blogging.

Some of the more interesting comments that were made are Dave says he could keep blogging until the day he dies, but he is still serious about quitting blogging (things that go umm).

Netpreneur Chris Pirillo says that “a blog should be *part* of your life”… that would certainly be true for more serious bloggers.

The ‘How to Make Money’ with your blog generated a lot of advice. The most important point made was about branding. Hint: what’s your favorite BLOKEism?

What’s interesting is that I see no discussion about Net Neutrality. My first thought was they didn’t want to get into the political thing. But then I noticed this about Politics and Blogging, so maybe I’ve missed something.

Although I’m reticent to attending elitist confabs, I’m seriously thinking that I might crash next year’s BloggerCon V. Wouldn’t that be a hoot. After all, somebody’s gonna have to step up for Dave. I’m certainly qualified — I already have a beard. I might have to put on a few more pounds though. Just kidding Dave… love ya. :)

BloggerCon IV Table of Contents:

Day 1

  • National Anthem
  • Tools
  • Citizen Journalism
  • Users In Charge
  • Standards for Users
  • Emotional Life
  • Post-Game Show
  • Day 2

  • Half-Time Show
  • How to Make Money
  • Building Bridges
  • 2008 Election
  • Video Blogging
  • Core Values
  • Fat Man Sings
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