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Blog Script Wizards and Magicians

Blog Wizard

The Bloke prides himself as being knowledgeable about computers, but when it comes to Blogger hackery sometimes I just have to take my hat off and bow. Nobody can know everything, and when I’m stumped and need an answer or I’m looking for new ideas I have a secret depository that I can go to.

Over the past couple of years there has been an emerging field of hacking the Blogger code, and so I thought it was time to honour these clever wizards of determination, scripts and coding.

Three of them are frequent commentors on InstaBLOKE and I have listed them below in alphabetical order:

  • Hoctro’s Place;
  • Ramani’s Hackosphere;
  • Vivek Sanghi a.k.a Stubborn-Fanatic.
  • Keep up the terrific work guys and thanks for all your contributions to the blogosphere and helping make InstaBLOKE a success.

    So go check them out, and if you use something of theirs be sure to thank them with some of your link love. But just remember, before you start fiddling with your template ALWAYS first make a backup on your hard drive. And you can always go overboard with scripts so do take it easy.

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    Written November 12th, 2006 by | 9 Comments | Filed under: Miscellaneous Blog Tips , ,

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    There are 9 Comments so far to “Blog Script Wizards and Magicians”

    1. Dear Bloke,

      It is such an honor to be mentioned by the “King of Blog”. Ever since I know your place about less than a month ago, I’ve been regularly and secretly follow your advices.

      While some of my hacks might look “cool”, I know that they are just “entry” level to what one could do to improve. I know for the fact that there are so many more intelligent people out there that know more about programming that I could even imagine. I just hope that my early findings at the start of the “New Blogger Era” will inspire more knowledgeable people to really buy into building advanced stuff with Blogger.

      Thank you again for featuring my blog. I feel like I just got my second star on Hollywood Boulevard now, after the Blogs of Note I got last September :)

      Kind regards,


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    2. Thanks for the kind words Hoctro.

      While humility is an admirable quality, don’t sell yourself short. Like I said above, none us knows everything and we are all part of something greater than the sum of our parts.

      So welcome to Team Bloke as we endeavor to help one another in this game of blogging!

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    3. Hello Blogbloke,

      Thanks for featuring my blog on Blog Bloke. That was very nice.

      I am unable to leave comments or even browse any of the non beta blogs. In fact I will take this opportunity to explain the stupidity of ISP to you. A few months ago Government of India (GOI) banned a few blogger blogs as they were spreading terrorism and fomenting discontent about India. Indian ISPs did not know how to get those specific sites banned and they banned the whole blogspot/blogger domain instead.

      After a load of hue and cry from the blogger community in India and some legal action, they finally developed “some-thing” by which they were able to ban only those specific sites. But I guess it does not work. The result is that I cannot browse non-beta blogs and I cannot post comments on any of them. I have been following Blog Bloke mostly by feeds.

      Sometimes Blog Bloke and a few others load in opera after waiting for a lot of time but comments don’t work. Even http://www.blogger.com does not work for me while http://beta.blogger.com works. This is so crazy, as those who want to spread a wrong message can anyways do it through a beta blog or other blog services.

      Its been a month since I have been working with these guys but to no avail. Looks like there are no other bloggers/blog readers in my area and I am the only one raising this issue.


      Thanks & Best Regards,

      Vivek Sanghi

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    4. Vivek, I’ve heard similar problems from other Beta users. Apparently you might be able to leave a comment as “anonymous”.

      Why don’t you give it a try and let me know. If it doesn’t work, then with your permission I will copy your email and add it to the post.

      Perhaps I will write a post about it later too.



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    5. I just tried posting a comment. The comment popup box appears and then nothing happens. No classic blogger blogs are accessible to me through firefox and IE. It is strange that other beta users have this problem as well. I thought that only people using my ISP or Indian ISPs should face this issue. I have attached an image to give you an idea of what’s happening at my end. Please feel free to use my e-mail on your post. Thanks

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    6. Has anybody else heard of this problem or found a fix for it?

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    7. oops, I seem to have missed this post. Thanks for your promo!

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    8. Hi, thank you for beta blog.It is very nice for wizards.

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    9. I like to keep my blog scripts simple so that I can edit them myself. Sometimes I need a code that I haven;t written, but if someone else has written it then it’s sometimes difficult to lay around with it, without changing everything and messing up my blog (which is annoying to say the least!)

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