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Blog Bloke is Down for the Count but NOT Out

I’m sorry for the silence over the past few days but I’ve had some disappointing news. What I thought was just a bladder infection is now diagnosed as an enlarged (and inflamed) prostate.

The good news is after forcing me to assume the prone position my Doc did a military examination and determined it is benign.

So I’m on tons of drugs right now that make me very tired. Having to constantly visit the toilet is also exhausting (and wearing out the hall carpet :) so I have to schedule blogging in between bathroom visits (which is about every half hour).

Did I mention how much it hurts? Crikey, in medical terms the flow is low, but the urgency to urinate is extremely high. Combine that with a lot of pain and it’s not a pleasant experience. So much for us guys having it easy.

Anyhow, thanks muchly for understanding that I’m not feeling like blogging lately. But I do expect (and hope) the drugs will kick in shortly and I will be good as new again. Cheers, and much love to you guys.

Written August 8th, 2007 by | 18 Comments | Filed under: Personal stuff ,

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There are 18 Comments so far to “Blog Bloke is Down for the Count but NOT Out”

  1. “You deserve a break today” (I’m singing the Mc D tune). Sorry to hear this but take it easy and take care of yourself. The blog world will wait for you patiently.

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  2. (I found this comment in between hall visits ;-)

    Thanks so much Tica. You’re a sweety and it’s readers like you who keep the Bloke going.

    Damn, it’s time for another “break” again! See you in a bit.

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  3. Hope you’re feeling better soon! I’m definitely missing your daily posts. I can’t wait to hear if you definitely make the move to WordPress.

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  4. Thanks Jason. I’m considering a brand new blog that will be on the Wordpress platform. So things are still in the planning stage at this time (health permitting of course).

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  5. So sorry to hear that the health problems continue to dog you, BB.

    Wishing you the very best.

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  6. Wow…you’ve been on my mind…and now I know why. Sending you prayers! So sorry to hear of your health problems!

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  7. Thanks Rory and Kuanyin. I guess this hasn’t been my year health-wise, but I’m keeping the faith.


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  8. Get well soon, BB! Will pray for your speedy recovery.

    And take it easy. Your health is much more important than your blog. And even if you go off-line for a while, your blog is still a fantastic resource with tons of helpful tips that will keep folks coming back, time and time again.


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  9. Thank you so much Phil. Your kind words were a pleasant surprise tonight and I can’t tell you how much it is appreciated.

    We work hard to build our blogs and then something unforeseen like this happens. We know that if we don’t keep writing our traffic will stagnate, so we keep driving ourselves beyond endurance… and for what? At the end of the day it is our own mortality that will win in the end.

    Our health is so much more important and we have to remember sometimes it is best to retreat and live to fight another day. Your comment has reminded me of that bigger picture.

    I’m comforted in the knowledge that I have a loyal core of readers like you who will continue to be there, and that is why I will be back blogging health permitting (or until the blood no longer courses through my veins… whichever comes first :)

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  10. Hey Sorry to hear that.. Hope you have a quick recovery…

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  11. Thanks so much Kishore. I’m feeling a bit better every day but it sure is a slow process, and I still fatigue easily. Oh well, one day at a time.

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  12. The pain sounds very much like what we women have to go through when we suffer from a urinary tract infection!

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  13. Yeah, but it’s much worse (just kidding :).

    Actually it can be life threatening if not treated early enough. I just hope I’m one of the lucky ones.

    Thanks for asking Puteri.

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  14. NO NO, not out for the count, seems like you need some nice Chinese medicine for your signs of fatigue!

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    Reply by: Blog Bloke at 3:54 pm said...

    Thanks Cylapril. Do you have any suggestions?

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  15. When your prostate gets better you might try prostate massage as my doctor says this is good for an enlarged prostate. Best to check with your doctor though

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  16. Hope your prostate troubles are over now, BB. If not, I can recommend some great natural remedies that are really effective to reduce your enlarged prostate without the harmful side effects of medications and surgery.

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  17. Since the post is 2007 have you got better?

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