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Welcome to the Blog Bloke FAQ File

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Apparently “this Bloke knows Blogs” (or so I’m told).

Who am I ?

Blog Bloke

In my real life I’m a computer geek/professional mediator but my internet persona is the BLOGBloke™.

This site is an extension of TECHBloke where I give my personal views on the topics of blogging, online communications, emerging technologies such as social networking, the new media, web 2.0, podcasting, business, marketing or security issues and anything else that’s blog related.

You can read more about me over at my profile page.

The Inside Looking Out:

BLOGBloke gives you the insider information about blogging with no BS or hype trying to sell you something. Just the straight goods. I don’t owe allegiance to any organization and I don’t play favorites. So if you want an informed, independent point of view then I’m your guy bloke.

How to Use BLOGBloke:

BLOGBloke is designed to be a convenient resource and is split into several content delivery sections. The first content that you will notice (on the home page) is the Feature post section just below the top banner. Just to the right of that you will find the Subscription box. There you can subscribe to my RSS Newsfeed, Twitter, Facebook and Buzz pages.

Immediately below the Feature post you will notice two separate sections. The section to the left is recent news items that I have commented on. To the right of that is the Video section.

Further below that you find the last few posts that I have written. In the right-hand sidebar and immediately below the subscription box you will find several menu items. These are my most Recent posts, Tweets, Favorite Posts, Popular Posts and Categories.

At the bottom footer you will find three more columns. Starting from the left you will find a list of key categories. The middle column are recent comments from visitors, and to the right are more links for the site and a subscription box.

On single post pages you will also find a video section in the right sidebar as well as tutorials etc. So I have at least 10 content delivery sections for this blog. It took a lot of programing to get it right (believe me).

A (very) Short Background:

I began my career in the computer industry when most bloggers were still in their diapers. I started when computers filled up entire rooms and nobody had ever heard of Bill Gates or MSDOS. I moved from programming to sales, marketing and development, etc.

I worked for a Japanese company that made CPM based computers competing with the Kaypro before anybody had ever heard of laptops or the term mobility. I purchased the very first copy of Windows and it is still in the shrink wrap (I preferred to continue using DOS until Win98 … smart move).

My first personal computer was an Apple 11 Plus clone that I built myself so please don’t tell Mr. Jobs (I hear he has an anger issue). I know hardware, software, firmware and even underwear (but I’ll save that for another blog).  I virtually live, eat and breath my computer (no BS) so If I don’t know about it then it probably doesn’t exist. (Some might also call it denial).

I’ve been an entrepreneur and worked in law as a litigator before moving on to mediation when I got tired of having my nose up judges … well, you know what I mean. I’ve also been an editor for a small newspaper and ran for political office, and although I’m ashamed to admit it I’ve even brown nosed with the high and mighty.


Blogging is supposed to be about having fun and if you can’t take the heat or poke fun at yourself then you’d better stay out of the kitchen (or in this case the blogosphere). If we should happen to learn a little along the way it’s a bonus.

You won’t find a long list of expletives or hate mongering on this site. However BLOGBloke is of the opinion that a little tongue-in-cheek humor can go a long way.

Some of my Other Blogs are:

TECHBloke: Blogging and Technology News

NEWSBloke: News Headlines and Commentary

Yes it’s a heck of a lot of work but at least it keeps me off the streets.

Some of my Slogans are:

  • Blogging is all about empowerment“, and “The future of journalism has arrived and it’s called the Blogosphere!” (also the mission statement for this blog);
  • Blogs provide a podium to anybody with access to the internet. It is the great equalizer and as important a technology as the invention of the printing press itself.”
  • Never in the history of mankind since Johann Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press has a technology empowered so many“, OR, “Not since the invention of the printing press has a technology empowered so many“, or any such derivatives thereof;
  • Making light of the seemingly incomprehensible“;
  • Where reason and common sense collide“;
  • Refining the art of ‘fisking’ for the edification of those who are more deserving“;
  • An irreverent look at the news and opinion makers who prefer to sit on the sidelines“;
  • “Death by STUPICIDE”;
  • Some people make the news. Then there are those who prefer to comment anonymously behind a comfortable desktop.” (The Bloke’s definition of a Blogger).
  • Blogs enable us to comment on the news. Sometimes we are the news, and sometimes we even scoop the news”.
  • Social Subterfuge: A Deceitful Use of Social Media.

So don’t bother trying to steal them because they’re all copyrighted.

Time now to get serious.

Copyright Statement:

All original content of BLOGBloke dot com is copyrighted by BLOGBloke’s owner/operators and is not to be used without permission except as provided herein.

Permission is granted to read, quote, cite, link to, print out or otherwise use Blog Bloke dot com content, so long as you comply with the terms.

You may build upon, adapt or quote from BLOGBloke dot com providing it is not for commercial purposes and that you credit this site with a URL hyperlink (BLOGBloke) .


By using BLOGBloke dot com you recognize that this site is only a guide to web content for entertainment purposes. All content on this site is provided on an as-is basis and no statement should be relied upon as fact without independent investigation on your part to sufficiently satisfy yourself it is true.

By accessing BLOGBloke dot com content you hereby agree not to sue BLOGBloke for its content, whether original or linked to or quoted from another source, in any court or by any legal procedure, on any grounds in law or equity whatsoever.

These terms of use are subject to change and should be reviewed regularly.

Need more information? Then contact me or you can read more about me here.

* BLOGBloke™ and InstaBLOKE™ are Trademarks.

Now let’s have some fun and start reading, and while you’re hear why not grab the newsfeed and follow me on Twitter. No charge.


 Check it out.

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