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BitTorrent, MPAA team up to stem Online Film Piracy

Yeah right. Haven’t we all heard this before? So what was that name??? Oh, now I remember — Napster. This report from Bejing really made me laugh:

“The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) signed Tuesday an agreement with Internet technology provider BitTorrent Inc. to discourage illegal Internet movie downloads.

BitTorrent Founder and CEO Bram Cohen’s technology allows Web sites to make large content files available online. The MPAA was concerned that the technology is frequently used to illegally distribute movies and television shows.

As part of the agreement, Cohen confirmed BitTorrent’s commitment to removing links that direct users to copies of pirated content owned by MPAA companies from its search engine at BitTorrent.com.

‘We are glad that Bram Cohen and his company are working with us to limit access to infringing files on the BitTorrent.com Web site,’ said Dan Glickman, chief executive of the Motion Picture Association of America, which represents Hollywood’s major studios and signed the deal with BitTorrent. ‘They are leading the way for other companies by their example,’ Glickman added. Enditem.”

Meaning: BitTorrent has waved the white flag on threat of a law suit. And another one bytes the dust.

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Written November 25th, 2005 by | 5 Comments | Filed under: Miscellaneous Blog Tips

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There are 5 Comments so far to “BitTorrent, MPAA team up to stem Online Film Piracy”

  1. WinMX also bit the dust recently. It’s inevitable that all P2P providers that don’t index their files in decentralized locations (so they can claim not to be aware of copyright infringements) will be shut down. It’s seems that the logical route for the RIAA and MPAA is to start with the providers, then the tracker sites, servers and finally the P2P users…

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  2. Thanks Mark. It seems that somebody out there is always a step ahead and another file sharing scheme will inevitably come along to replace it.

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  3. I am wondering if the new $5mo unlimited deal from Napster will help switch people over.

    Why don’t the studios put together something where you can rent any movie and time, world wide.

    Sort of like what airlines did teaming up to create Orbitz.com

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  4. Thank you for your blog, five stars

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  5. Movies Capital software is a great guide that will show you how to download and watch full legit movies over the Internet.

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