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Bill Gates Leaves Microsoft For Good: Woohoo!

Billy Boy Has Finally Left the Building:

Good Riddance!

Bill Gates will go down in history as the biggest conundrum in corporate history. How can someone become the world’s richest man by making the crappiest products?

Not by being a nice guy that’s for sure.

Over the ensuing days you will be reading white-washed accolades about what a great guy Billy is. All I can say is don’t buy into it.

Gates has the reputation of being the most loathed man in the computer industry and it’s a legacy well earned. Case in point … here is a comment that I just read today:

This guy is nothing more than a thief, all his so called patents were created by a company that he first worked for (Apple). His dad (a lawyer) helped him obtain and submit the paper work for all his supposed creations. Now at a ripe old age he wants to give a large amount of his vast fortune to help the world. What a guy! Could it be he is trying to buy his way into heaven for all his evil doings here on earth?

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Fiercely loyal employees who profited from Microsoft like Robert Scoble will of course disagree with me, but the facts speak for itself.

The secret to Bill Gates success was that he perfected the art of predatory business tactics. In fact my first computer job in the 80s was one of his first victims. You can read more about it in my about page if you like.

Fact: Bill Gates sold IBM the DOS operating system before he even had it it. After getting the contract thanks to his Mommy’s contacts he bought the DOS operating system from someone else. And things have never changed since.

Fact: Gates stole code from Apple to create Windows when he was supposedly helping them work on the Mac operating system.

Fact: Bill Gates never created, invented or innovated anything. He either bought the technology from someone else, squeezed out the competition or produced third-rate knockoffs.

Fact: Gates abused his monopoly with IBM PCs to squeeze out his competitors such as WordPerfect (remember them) by forcing the PC hardware manufacturers to sign contracts to not install competitive products on their computers. The list of casualties in the computer industry is (almost) as long as the digits in Billy’s bank account.

Fact: Remember the Justice Department’s subsequent investigations and court battles? Need I say any more?

Now he has the kahunas to play bigshot philanthropist with money that he unscrupulously obtained! Is it any wonder Windows is the most targeted software by virus makers?

Asta la vista Bill! Have a great retirement. Good riddance to bad rubbish indeed.

Written June 28th, 2008 by | 152 Comments | Filed under: Miscellaneous Blog Tips

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152 Responses to “Bill Gates Leaves Microsoft For Good: Woohoo!”

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  1. 1
    Jaffer Says:

    True that he took existing products and re-branded them. But haven’t Apple and Linux also done the same over the years ?
    Now it’s upto the existing Microsoft employees to clean up the act.

    He’s already better than most other billionaires by at least doing something real to bring change and improve lives of the world’s deprived. Leave him alone !

    Jaffer’s last blog post..City council kills Lister Block deal

  2. 2
    Blog Bloke Says:

    Thanks for my smile for the day Jaffer. I can see you’ve bought into the propaganda but with all due respect I think I know better. After all I’ve been on the inside of the industry long enough to know. But that’s Ok bro. I forgive you. :-)

    By the way, isnt CommentLuv enough? My spam control plugin almost deleted you.

  3. 3
    Dennis Edell Says:

    No beating around the bush BB, how do you REALLY feel? :-)

    Anyhoo, in regards to his retirement…”grain of salt” is all I need to say.

    Remember, he turned over the top spot a few years ago to sidetrack certain pending litigation’s, but we all know who was still calling the shots.

    Dennis Edell’s last blog post..New Feature! Monthly Post Round-Ups For Direct Sales Web Marketing

  4. 4
    Blog Bloke Says:

    Nope. There’s no beating around the bush with this guy.

  5. 5
    Douglas Karr Says:

    Some of your facts are ‘near truths’, Bloke. Don’t forget - Apple tried to sue Microsoft for stealing the GUI but eventually lost because both of them actually got the idea from Xerox PARC and the Alto computer. You also failed to mention that Apple goofed up when they agreed to license specific GUI features for ALL FUTURE VERSIONS of Windows from Apple! Boy were they dumb!

    I’m a Mac guy, but you must admit that Microsoft changed the landscape of how operating systems were developed, sold, and distributed. Apple never even came close since they (still) only offer their OS on their Hardware. Microsoft is largely responsible for inexpensive computers and inexpensive programs.

    Furthermore, Gates did have achievements. He cowrote MS-BASIC and sold it for $100k while in college (then bought the rights back!). MS-BASIC was a step forward for the personal computing industry.

    For the most part, I’m not a fan of Microsoft. But there’s no arguing that they changed the landscape for the better. Did they become billionaires in the process? Sure! So did Jobs, though!

    Douglas Karr’s last blog post..The Best Tactic for Growing your Blog

  6. 6
    Blog Bloke Says:

    “near truths” … “changed the landscape for the better”?


    Heh, thanks for my second smile for the day and spoken by another guy who wasn’t around then either.

    Ok, I will give you one thing. Gates put one over everyone including Steve Jobs. But like everything else there’s more than one way to look at something. You could say that he was a clever business person or a low-life predator who took advantage of gullible people.

    I prefer the latter.

    With all due respect, were you working in the industry back then? So I guess us old timers in the industry are just a bunch of cranks who don’t know any better.


    I was in the industry before anybody heard of Gates and no amount of white washing will ever change the facts.

    Nothing personal bro but instead of only reading official propanda sources maybe you should also learn from us guys who were actually there.

    Bill Gates? Good by and good riddance

    By the way, there’s more than one way to look at something. Your interpretation that Microsoft provided inexpensive ‘puters can also be interpreted as Apple inflating its price to market it as the premier computer and make up its shortfall for not selling as many PCs.

    Hmmm, it makes you think doesn’t it. Read between the lines my friend.

    Also, PCs are mass produced by numerous manufacturers so market competition has helped to reduce the price. Gates had absolutely nothing to do with the pricing of PC hardware.

    By the way, have your priced VISTA lately? Hardware prices go down but Windows keeps going up, up, up.

    But you know what? The guy isn’t even worth arguing about.

    Gates was the ultimate predator of silicon valley and sold us third-rate software. That will be his real legacy.


  7. 7
    Douglas Karr Says:

    Hi Bloke,

    Yes, I’m afraid I’ve got some time in the industry and some gray around the ol’ head. I wasn’t working in Silicon Valley, but I was hard at work integrating and working with both Apple and Microsoft (and Novell, and IBM OS2, and AS400, and PLC) technologies.

    In fact, you’ll find many of the pieces of equipment I worked on right there in the Computer Museum in Mountain View. :) (I was terrified at how many of them were there!)

    I realize that everyone has a perception of what has happened. Perhaps you can provide some background on when you worked in Xerox, Steve, or with Bill and why your perception is the reality.

    I didn’t mean to disrespect you (looks like I have) but I did want to provide a different view. I don’t depend on the propaganda. In fact, I left a Microsoft shop to move to Open Source (We’re LAMP and Java/Tomcat).

    I don’t believe I’ll ever move back to Microsoft technologies - on my laptop nor on my servers. But sometimes even the villains move the industry forward, don’t they?

    I also don’t think Steve is a very nice guy. Folks love him as the creative hippy of Apple, but his equipment is shipped from some of the worst polluting factories on Earth.


    Douglas Karr’s last blog post..The Best Tactic for Growing your Blog

  8. 8
    Blog Bloke Says:

    Hi Doug.

    In truth I felt that you were being a little disrespectful. Nevertheless as with any opposing position sometimes toes can be a little tender so if I came across as being too strong then I do apologize.

    I never said that I worked in Silicon Valley but I most certainly was in the industry back then and you can read my “about” page for more details.

    The long and short of it is I started out programming mainframes before there was such a thing as desktop computers or Microsoft. My first personal computer was an Apple 11 Plus clone that I built (but please don’t tell that old hippy Jobs).

    By the way, your pic must be a little old because I don’t see the grey hair. So if we are going to count hairs I would imagine that I would come out the winner. Not that it is anything to boast about but it might account for some experience along the way.

    Or perhaps I just need to renew my glasses prescription. Must be that age thing.

    Anyhow, we can always agree to disagree regardless of what your uhemm … “perception” might be :-)

    Good riddance Billy. Cheers!

  9. 9
    Douglas Karr Says:

    No harm, no foul! I absolutely appreciate and respect your opinion, Bloke. Sorry if it sounded different.

    I’m curious how Ballmer will wind up. I think Billy was the savvy one.

    Douglas Karr’s last blog post..The Best Tactic for Growing your Blog

  10. 10
    Blog Bloke Says:

    Interesting you should mention that because I was thinking the same thing. Also, with the proliferation of Open Source software and excepting the operating system of course I have no need for Microsoft products anymore.

    Over time I can perceive Microsoft’s dominance diminishing, and if Jobs lowers his prices that could happen even all the more. We can only hope!

    Another good reason why Billy bailed out. He is clever isn’t he (clever like a fox).

    By the way, I do appreciate your comments Doug and I suppose it’s on natural that we can’t always agree on everything.

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