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Better Blogging After a Good Night’s Sleep

SnoringIf you are anything like me some of us bloggers are severely sleep deprived, staying up all hours of the night coding our templates and dreaming up new posts and hacks to make our site all the more cooler.

After long hours of blogging in front of our computer screen we begin to notice an eery neon colored aura surrounding our bodies, and our eyes turn into glowing red-hot coals like Count Dracula out for a night’s feeding. Our painful necks are a constant reminder that we have been sitting intensely in one position far too long, and our backs scream out for a chiropractor and a good massage.

Unfortunately this scenario is all but true for many of us hard core bloggers, but it is not a healthy lifestyle and one that will eventually catch up with us.

Getting proper rest entails far more than just quantity (i.e. getting enough hours sleeping). Quality rest is every bit as important and I can’t stress enough its importance which brings me to the reason for this post. (Note: this is not an advertisement and I’m not being paid for this article).

My wife has been complaining about me snoring and she tells me that sometimes I even stop breathing altogether (surprisingly I still seem to have a few brain cells left). Apparently that is a symptom of something called sleep apnea which is a common sleeping disorder that many like me suffer from.

A friend of mine recently introduced me to a product he uses that has made all the difference for him. He uses nasal strips that are applied to the nose before bedtime that widen the airway passages and allow freer breathing. Some nasal strips are even designed with mentholated vapors for when you are stuffed up from a cold.

Well I tried it last night and I’m sold. I had one of the best sleeps I’ve had in a long time. I slept through the whole night without interruption (except for one late night quicky ;-) and my wife tells me she didn’t even notice me snoring or stopping breathing either.

Halleuhia! Now I’m waking up more refreshed than ever before and raring to blog again.

And speaking of rest, taking a break for a good stretch after a few hours of working is also a good idea. But how do you remember to do that when hours in front of the computer can seem like only a few minutes?

I use a little reminder program that will pop up a message telling me it’s time to take a break. I also use it to remind me when it’s time to pack it in and go to bed. And if that doesn’t work my wife will be sure to let me know (I think she’s been reading the sex therapy suggestions over at Gems blog ;-). Whoa!

So blog on, but remember to get a enough rest and be the better blogger that you were meant to be.

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Written November 25th, 2006 by | 15 Comments | Filed under: Blog Tips ,

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There are 15 Comments so far to “Better Blogging After a Good Night’s Sleep”


    Heh, sorry but I couldn’t resist :)

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    Jason, will you please get one those nose strips. Your snoring woke me up!



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  3. hmmmm nice post - made me think why sleep after a hard days work is more refreshing than just a normal easy day…the quality of your sleep (i.e. without distrubances) makes all the difference.

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  4. Thanks, bloke. I’d like my husband to use those nasal strips, too. For sleeping, I meant.

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  5. Thanks for dropping by guys. And Gem, your post was quite the titillating experience. :)

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  6. I know what you mean about a good nights sleep. I’m blogging about the Ashes series down in Australia on one of my other blogs and since the games don’t start until midnight UK time, I’m cream crackered!

    I might invest in some of those strip things, though. I woke myself up snoring last night!

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  7. Yup. Nasal strips seem to be the remedy of choice for snoring. Didn’t know they have different aromas… this may actually be useful even for people who don’t snore.

    Olegs last blog post…Stress Related To Lack Of Sleep

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  8. Are the nasal strips uncomfortable at all?? I bought my husband a snoring mouthpiece for xmas which works wonders when he actually uses it. Would be interesting to hear from snorers who have tried both the nasal strips and the snoring mouthpiece.

    Snoring Mouthpiece Fans last blog post…Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece As A Solution

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    Reply by: Blog Bloke at 4:22 pm said...

    I use them when I’m stuffed up and I can tell you they really do work. They give me a good night’s sleep with no snoring. I never liked mouth pieces because they are uncomfortable.

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  9. It’s good that you don’t have sleep apnea! Unfortunately nasal strips wouldn’t work with that.

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    Reply by: Blog Bloke at 11:53 am said...

    Hi David. Although I’ve never been tested for sleep apnea, according to my wife I do and she claims the strips help me.

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  10. those nasal strips are pretty good….. athletes use them as well apparently (to get more oxygen in!!!) I usually sleep ok…. but my missus has just started to snore bad for some reason…. she is not keen on the strips so i am looking into the link attached..

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  11. I beg to differ that Nasal Strips do not help…and they fall off…

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  12. I snored just as bad and have tried nasal strips. While it helped somewhat I still had to look into some remedies for what I believed to be sleep apnea.

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  13. Great blog. Very informational.

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