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Share - enable java in your browser Written on November 10th, 2006 by | 3 Comments

Another Blog A-Lister Loses It

Celebs going berserk on the paparazzi. Blog a-listers ragging about their readers. Will it ever end?

I generally don’t read Mark Cuban but I stumbled across a post that he titled Blog Pimpin where he whines (bad spelling, grammar and all):

Has anyone noticed lately that more blogs posts are about other blogs, which are writing about whats being reported in other blogs than about something original from the author?

…There are people who no matter what I write about technology, will write about it. There are others that no matter what I write about stocks or the market, will comment on it.

…Why ? Because when people search on my name, or for my blog, on sites like Icerocket.com and technorati, their blogs will show up. Plus, if they get really lucky, I might engage them right back and drive traffic directly to their blog.

Huh? Mark, dude… it’s called engaging in the conversation. It’s also called pageranking. We don’t make the rules. It’s the very same process that has made you a so-called a-lister. And you’re complaining?

Coincidentally, I notice that Cuban has put an IceRocket tracker link prominently on his post showing his alleged blog rank. Can anybody else appreciate the irony?

Its all about Big Pimpin for traffic baby. Welcome to trying to make a living in the Blog Game. It puts the rap game to shame.

For shame is right.

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  1. “hahahahahaha”

    that is all that need to be said.

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  2. I guess you got the irony. ;-)

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  3. lol

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