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Digesting The 5 Major Blog Groups

I’m going to be honest with you. Lately I’ve been suffering from Post-Blogging Depression and Indigestion. I think the two are related but only my Dr. can be sure.

Let me explain… sometimes when I surf the blogosphere I can really get down and even angry at times. Why? Because I see so little original content out there, reading my newsfeeds can seem like a waste of time.

This has been happening a lot lately as I mend from my health issues so I’m going to let you know how I personally see the state of the blogosphere as it stands today.

I’m seeing basically five types of bloggers out there:

1. Personal/Online Diary Blogs.These are great and represent the largest group of bloggers out there. They give us insight into the global village and in my opinion are the purest of all bloggers. They are what blogging is (supposed to be) really all about and are exempt from this rant. Unfortunately, some a-listers also sarcastically refer to them as the “Noise“.

2. Those who suck-up and echo the a-lister’s rants, linking to them in the hope of getting their attention.

They merely summarize what has already been said and are the reason why the blogosphere has come to be known as the great Echosphere.

3. Those who copy information from the internet and change it a little to pass it off as their own.

These people are internet scrapers more than anything else. They Google around searching for keywords according to their niche, dusting off old faq files and archives with a bit of spit and polish to bait you into reading their blog and click on their ads.

There are many so-called a-listers (and wannabees) that fit into this group. I don’t include news or information blogs in this group because they provide fresh content and always (hopefully) link to their sources.

4. Those who visit the local library or dust off old school books and pass it off as their own material.

Amateur pseudo-intellectuals and psych 101 rejects who merely echo the original thinkers out there. This information is readily available for anyone who cares to look. Try as they may to pass themselves off as experts, well-read folk like myself aren’t fooled. There’s nothing original here either. Just ask Tony Robbins.

5. Then there are the original thinkers who provide new and compelling content for their readers.

These bloggers work hard at creating or sourcing original content, but it seems they are so few and far between that it can really get me down. Sigh!

Please forgive me for my candor but that’s how I see it. Am I the only one who’s suffering from blog indigestion? Tell me it ain’t so. I’m so depressed.

Are you an original thinker?

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Written September 2nd, 2007 by | 8 Comments | Filed under: Miscellaneous Blog Tips, MythBusters ,

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There are 8 Comments so far to “Digesting The 5 Major Blog Groups”

  1. I am in group #1 - Noise. Apparently I like noise because it’s what most of my links are. As for group #5 - there may be very few really original blogs out there that offer something totally new and exciting, but for most of us, there are a lot of unoriginal blogs that are new-to-us when we come across them. And that’s ok too.

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  2. Ditto :)

    One reason why I’m critical of a-listers is because they can be so obnoxious and arrogant towards the average blogger. But the fact remains the blogosphere is made up of mostly average bloggers and without them the a-listers would be nothing. Too bad most of them don’t realize that.

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  3. Not only are they arrogant towards the average blogger, all their blogs seem to have the attitude that “having a hugely popular blog is everything”. Um, no it’s not. Get a life.

    And while it would be nice to make a living by blogging, the rest of us noise-maker have day jobs because there simply isn’t enough money to go around the blogosphere for all of us to stay at home on the computer all day. It would be so nice, though. I’m just not that entrepreneurial, so I punch a timeclock instead.

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  4. What! A life beyond blogging. Is there such a thing?

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  5. Hmm, I don’t know if my own blog fits into any one of these categories. I try at times to write original content but as you said, it’s a difficult process. I wonder which group you feel my site belongs in bloke?

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  6. Heh, no way you’re baiting me into that one Jeffro ;-) I make it a policy to not publicly criticize my readers, but I will say this…

    I try set high standards as hard as it might be to always adhere to. When I do offer criticism it is primarily a-listers (or the wannabees) that I have in mind because they are the ones who are supposed to set an example.

    I can only hope that my readers will take my advice to heart and learn from their mistakes.

    I think you are doing a great job btw and keep it up bro.

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